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ARTHROSIS: in 14 days, they no longer had any pain

US and Indian scientists make an ultra-promising discovery: the LI73014F2
Dear readers,
If you or a loved one has painful joints read the following carefully.
Because what I am about to reveal to you could… “shock” you.
Indeed, Indian and American scientific teams have developed a new formula called LI73014F2 which would be able to eradicate osteoarthritis pain in just 14 days. [1]
This is what their clinical trials (double-blind, placebo-controlled trials) reveal in patients with osteoarthritis of the knee.
According to these scientists, it would be enough to take one capsule each day for the pain to disappear.
… Imagine the joy of being able to move your fingers and your hands again, to work on your hips and knees, to stretch your back… without wincing in pain…

... And to see the redness and swelling disappear, to feel that your joints are even more flexible ... and to be surprised to be able to perform gestures that you dared not do anymore.
I know you are probably saying to yourself:
"Good Garance… you are very nice, but I have been struggling with my pain for years. I tried everything, nothing, nada, no results. So if there was a miracle pill, it would be known. ”
Yes, except that this "pill" neither your doctor nor your pharmacist can prescribe it.
It is not because it has not yet been authorized on the market. Quite the opposite: you can buy it freely for years.
In fact this "pill" is not a drug.
The LI73014F2 formulation, contrary to what it suggests, is not a chemical assembly of synthetic molecules.
Scientists simply "just" mixed 3 powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plants:

one fruit,

a root,

and a resin.

And among them is a plant that we hardly ever talk about but which is one of the best treatments for osteoarthritis.
If you have never managed to end your pain permanently, read the following carefully because:

It stops inflammation and is even able to PREVENT the onset of the disease 

This plant has a rich and complex composition, inimitable.
It contains specific molecules, not found in its congeners, which act at the heart of inflammation.
Like these acids:
Researchers have found that they act on several key enzymes, in particular 5-lipooxygenase which allows the synthesis of pro-inflammatory leukotrienes.
These are somewhat "barbaric" terms: in fact, these substances can trigger joint swelling.
By neutralizing them, these acids reduce swelling, redness, heat and pain specific to inflammatory mechanisms.
And clinical studies are categorical: the daily intake of this plant can eliminate the pain and symptoms of osteoarthritis. [2] [3]
Joint comfort is almost immediate.
This resin is even capable of preventing your arthritis by stimulating the production of glycosaminoglycans. [4]

These are large molecules present in many connective tissues of the joints (tendons, ligaments, cartilage, etc.) such as:
Hyaluronic acid which lubricates and protects the cartilage;

Or chondroitin, the direct precursor of cartilage chondrocytes!
And this plant is safe, has no side effects and is suitable for everyone.
I know it sounds amazing.
But it's true: with the right plants you can actually STOP and REVERSE the cartilage destruction process naturally!

And those who have tested them approve:

As Léa: “I am 83 years old, and I have osteoarthritis in all the joints. I suffered a lot, especially for two years after a spontaneous fracture in the tibial plateau of the right knee, Until the day when I discovered harpagophytum and especially turmeric, sold in pharmacies, in the form of capsules and without order. "

Danièle: “I am currently taking horsetail (for 1 month) to relieve spinal pain. I am satisfied with the result. My nights have become more restful, I now walk without canes and I hope to be able to resume sport soon enough. "

Djamel: “I tried the organic silicon that wowed me, but I didn't feel anything in 2 months of treatment. So I went to the cat's claw by taking 6 capsules a day and to my surprise my problems disappeared more arthritis pain it is a magic plant! "

Or Charlotte: “At 25 I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis, I suffered for 30 years from pain that prevented me from working, and one day I met a chiropractor and my life changed : Lose 10 pounds, exercise, eat healthier and above all treat myself with herbal medicine: harpagophytum and horsetail as a cure 2 times a year. Today at almost 74 years old, I trudge in my garden I have no pain. Physically I barely feel 60 years old. But when I say that it is the phyto that treated me to those who complain I am called crazy. "
In fact, with the right plants you can act deeply on all the factors of your arthritis because:

They stop inflammation, a great source of acidity, it is it that eats away at your joints from the inside;

They clean your “dirty” cartilage and eliminate this waste through the urinary ducts;

They remineralize your joints, ligaments and bones which gain in density and become stronger;

They are safe and have no side effects if you follow the recommended doses.
There is just one delicate question we need to talk about:

BIG problem with harpagophytum

You may be familiar with harpagophytum, this plant whose anti-arthritis virtues are widely praised.
Well… for some patients the effects are spectacular !! Harpagosides, powerful anti-inflammatories relieve pain within a few days.

But in other people, it doesn't matter at all, even after several months of treatment.
This is where taking care of plants requires precise knowledge: it is not like swallowing a medicine.
If you choose the wrong plant, it won't hurt you ... but it's a bit like filling a bucket with pierced water.
While with 4 or 5 plants, well chosen, you can act on pain, inflammation, cleaning and evacuation of waste and re-mineralization of tissues!
Whatever the stage of your arthritis (even the most advanced), you can use these plants with phenomenal action:

So, if you suffer from osteoarthritis of the fingers, the Virginia creeper will be your best ally;

If it is rather your back that makes you suffer (cervical osteoarthritis, parrot beaks, lumbar compression ...) you can turn to bamboo rich in silica which participates in the formation of collagen;

If the pain is more in the legs and arms, the horsetail will be preferred.

And according to your needs you can add:

Blackcurrant buds that stimulate the production of cortisol, a hormone that intervenes in anti-inflammatory processes and treats your long-term osteoarthritis or mountain pine, which acts directly on the cartilage and slows the evolution of osteoarthritis!

This plant from the Breton coast very effective against fragile bones, it is also very useful in case of GERD: It absorbs acidity and provides calcium easily assimilated by the bones;

Dandelion roots to drain your emunctories and help evacuate waste. In addition they enrich the intestinal flora and act as pre-biotics;

Ash or holly that stimulates your blood and lymphatic circulation. It is it which regenerates the tissues thanks to an optimal supply of all the necessary nutrients.

Clearly, with this fascinating herbal medicine: END the cocktail of dangerous drugs.
You get the remedies you need in one delicious, drinkable mix that you can sip during the day.

In a few days, you could put aside the pains, it is as if they never existed!

And after 3 months, you might even have the impression that your osteoarthritis has completely disappeared…
I know, it may seem a little too simple but Nature really contains real anti-aging treasures… 

The “Miracle” of Mother Nature: powerful molecules that act directly on your problems

If you think that the plants are only used to make herbal teas or "grandmother's remedies", you will be surprised.
Have you seen ...

... A remedy which allows to recover the immediate memory in 4 weeks? This is what ginkgo biloba does: it can be enough from 4 to 6 weeks of daily intake to start thinking faster ... [1]

... A substance that acts deeply on intestinal spasms, without the side effects of PPIs? This is the case with lemon balm, which acts directly on the autonomous brain to calm the nerves involved in cramps [2] [3]

... A really effective anti-inflammatory against joint pain? In less than 6 weeks, turmeric relieves osteoarthritis patients as much as ibuprofen, but without any side effects (risk of heart attack increased by 48% from the first week of ibuprofen). [4]

... A drug capable of quickly relieving nausea and vomiting of cancer patients treated with chemotherapy? None is comparable to Desmodium, which acts directly on the liver to detoxify chemicals.

... A remedy without side effect which overcomes your depression? A recent study shows that stonecrop could also increase levels of serotonin - the "happiness hormone" by almost 30% [5] in one take. 83% of patients even report sleeping better after 8 weeks of taking it.

... An anti-stress that relieves all your tensions? If you are regularly stressed, ashwagandha acts on the neurotransmitter GABA to reduce anxiety, sleep problems, muscle cramps and even strokes ...

I am not going to list the 28,000 herbal remedies and their effects on all health disorders ...
But know one thing: no medication can replace them.
Nature has done things so well that sometimes it is enough to look carefully at the plant to see what it can heal.

They TELL you how to take care of yourself (just look at them closely)

You've probably heard that nuts are good for memory.
Take a good look at its shape ... and look at the drawing of a brain.
The resemblance is disturbing isn't it?
As if Nature whispered to us to eat nuts to heal the brain. But the most impressive thing is that it's true: the nut is "stuffed" with omega 9, 3 and 6, the fatty acids essential for good brain health.
This is the famous "signature theory" that you may have heard of.
By their appearance, plants guide us: they indicate "what they are used for" and "what they care for".

This is the case with pulmonary leaves which have the same shape and the same small white spots as the tissues of the lungs.

And if we take a closer look at the plant, thanks to biological analyzes, we will see that it contains silicic acid, mucilage and anti-inflammatory saponins which make it a leading remedy for healing patients with upper respiratory tract (such as chronic bronchitis, common in the elderly or weak).

The willow grows "feet in the water" and would therefore relieve joint pain and rheumatism. However, it is from its bark, which contains salicyline, that the most consumed aspirin, anti-inflammatory and analgesic agent, has been extracted and synthesized in the world.

The vine with red leaves and sinuous branches recalls veins and blood. Its leaves as well as the red grapes contain anthocyanosides with vasoconstrictive properties: they are excellent in case of varicose veins and bad venous return.

You can well imagine that these comparisons make the "pundits" of modern medicine smile.
Of course, we cannot rely solely on this old "theory", especially when we have scientific studies today that say ... the same thing.
Each component of your body therefore benefits from being affected by the power of these plants.
But there is still a BIG misunderstanding with plants:

Why even the greatest chemists cannot imitate the hand of "Mother Nature"

When a plant has a therapeutic effect, scientists attribute the effect to one of the plant's chemical compounds.
They call this compound "active ingredient", they isolate it, synthesize it and make it a medicine. Then they forget the plant ...
What a mistake !!
Because, in reality, each plant has a multitude of active ingredients.
And therein lies the therapeutic power of the plant.
And when you understand it, you will know why it is MUCH BETTER to take the plant in its natural state, rather than swallowing syntheses of its active ingredients.
Take ginseng. It has an element called Rg1 which can stimulate the nervous system, while another, Rb1 will calm the nervous system. And all of its other compounds will optimize the effect of one or other of these compounds.
It is as if the plant KNOWS what your body needs.
And chemists can never reach this level of precision: the "perfect" formula for each plant is the result of thousands of years of evolution.
It is the “hand” of Mother Nature who has created such wonders!
If we break this harmony, we lose at least 80% of the potential of a plant ...
But when we keep this synergy, the overall effect is breathtaking ...
... This is why ginseng taken WHOLE happens not only to regulate your stress, but also to act on your hormones, your breathing, your ability to reason, your energy, etc.
I'll explain how right now you can ...

Activate the POWER of medicinal plants!

The main "problem" of herbal medicine is that few people really know how to use it!
And yes, without the right support how to know that ...

Garlic is only really effective against hypertension if you let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes after grating it?

Similarly, you can take hawthorn in capsule format for months ... Without suspecting that to tone the heart, it must be prepared in mother tincture (and it's easy to do!)

Chicory detoxifies the liver and stimulates bile function. But on condition that you use the roots and not the leaves: it is a decoction of 5 minutes under cover followed by a rest of 10 to 15 minutes which will bring the best results.

Or that you must boil the roots of eleutherococcus for at least 5 minutes, otherwise its neurostimulatory properties are lost?
Without the right support, we quickly get lost !!
Today the only way to treat oneself effectively, naturally, and without danger thanks to plants, is to address a person who has direct contact with them.
A person who knows plants from the inside and who knows how to use them.
After years of meetings with doctors, phytotherapists, pharmacists, aromatherapists, botanists and many more ...
... I discovered an incredible project, one of the best ways to learn how to treat oneself simply with plants, it's called ...
The Academy of Phytotherapy

Harnessing the Power of Healing Plants
It is a very ambitious project that required hours of research, writing and filming!

But it is above all the fruit of years of "field" experience with thousands of patients.

This academy was created by the rising star of natural health, the one that all TV platforms are snatching up in France.

But if I may, before I tell you how you too can benefit from this unique program, I would really like to clear up another BIG misunderstanding about herbal medicine.

It is not just a medicine that is used to "boost" health with the approach of winter or to have more energy.

In reality, it is one of the most powerful medicines that works on ALL health problems.

And it is at this moment that we discover their full potential to treat the "worst" diseases such as:

Alzheimer's: the solution hidden in the stem of a Californian plant?

The California-based Salk Institute for Biological Studies is probably the most renowned institute in the world for its research into longevity.
When his scientists look for an anti-Alzheimer's remedy, they observe plants that are thousands of years old.
Thus in February 2019, after having screened 400 varieties of plants, Pamela Maher and Wolfang Fisher two biologists, discover that the Yerba Santa, growing in California, would be one of the best hopes against Alzheimer's disease [6].
This plant has a neuroprotective compound, serubin, which would decrease the inflammation of nerve cells, cleanse traces of aluminum and act against at least 10 factors involved in Alzheimer's disease.
The anti-Alzheimer remedy could therefore be a "simple" plant!
In universities, laboratories and on the benches of faculties, the therapeutic potential of artemisinin, Yerba, graviola, yew ... and hundreds of other plants fascinates scientists.

10x more neurons in the brain ??

Even if you make all the efforts in terms of nutrition, after 50 years, the brain synthesizes slower memory hormones such as acetylcholine, GABA, dopamine and serotonin.
But plants have the great power to fill this gap.

Thus, gingko biloba increases the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the first source of energy at the cellular level, which amplifies the capacity of the brain to create energy starting from glucose, but also its electrical activity [ 7]. The gingko even penetrates inside your DNA by improving the functioning of the mitochondria - the energy centers of cells - which would slow down aging and therefore the progression of Alzheimer's [8].

The same goes for apigenin, a flavonoid found in thyme, parsley and chamomile. When researchers applied this plant molecule to a human stem cell ...

... The stem cell has transformed ... In at least ten NEURONES, interconnected by powerful and sophisticated synapses have appeared !! [9]

In other words, consuming thyme in the right form would develop new cells in the brain!

Another brain plant, the brāhmī which grows in the Indian tides, it allows to keep the mind sharp and to preserve the long term memory: a study carried out in Psychopharmacology shows that the participants had a speed of information processing a lot higher and better memory after just 3 months.

Never has research in this area been so successful and confirms what many therapists have known for a long time.
Because herbalists and phytotherapists have ALREADY studied these plants closely - and today we can easily benefit from all these discoveries.

How they can "rejuvenate" your organs and keep you healthy

In a moment I will tell you exactly how to do it.
Thanks to the Academy of Phytotherapy you will know how to use the plants that act deep inside your organs to ward off aging:

This is the case of phenols, ultra powerful anti-inflammatory drugs produced by certain plants to protect themselves from infections and insects: they act at the level of cells to protect them from carcinogenic mutations (study SU.VI.MAX, July 2005)

The cardiac glucosides found in purple foxglove and thrush are real miniature pumps that help maintain the heart rate in case of weakness - which happens several times a day to some people after 58 years.

The alkaloids have a nitrogen molecule which makes them extremely active: so much so that the periwinkle of Madagascar is used for certain types of cancers [7] - while belladonna has effects on nervous disorders and Parkinson's disease.

With the Academy of Phytotherapy you will know exactly where to find them, how to use them and what they can do for you.
But first, let me share with you one last amazing discovery about plants.

The magic of plants: they know where your pain is (and communicate with your body)!

Yes, you read that right, plants seem capable of identifying what is wrong.
This is why they have such remarkable speed of action.
They only need a few seconds, at most a few minutes, to automatically recognize the parts of the body that are bruised, weakened by precancerous cells or toxic agents such as free radicals.
Immediately they identify the organs that are about to weaken or that signal diseases, and treat them!
It is not surprising: plants are living beings, sensitive to touch, sight and noise.
Intelligent, they constantly interact with what surrounds them:

When classical music is played near an aloe vera, it grows faster. [10]

"They perceive and calculate gravity, electromagnetic fields or humidity, and are able to analyze multiple chemical gradients", senses not found in humans. [11]

They communicate with each other and warn their fellows in the event of an attack by predators. (It was the great Jean-Marie Pelt, inexhaustible on plants who studied this).

This is not just a “magic” effect: it is the result of the complex evolution of these millennia-old plants, which have been able to develop extremely effective adaptive capacities in the face of their environment.
This is why they can "detect" where you are hurting, and relieve you.
But what is most fascinating is that these plants and herbs act on ALL cells of the body to delay aging, and prevent the appearance of carcinogenic mutations.

Simple leaves ... would melt cancer cells? Really ?!

You may be in the habit of drinking verbena tea in the evening before going to bed. As an informed reader, you also know that lemon balm can help you sleep.
But you never suspected that herbal tea could be ... an anti-cancer remedy.
And yet:
A recent study has shown that the simple fact of regularly drinking chamomile herbal tea lowers your risk of thyroid cancer by 80% !! [13]
Against each type of cancer - cancer of the prostate, colon, lung, brain, blood, etc. - there is a plant:

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation has just shown that one of the components of chili peppers effectively protects from colon cancer, even in the case of a pre-cancerous lesion [14];

The catechins present in some berries (but also apples) reduce the risk of prostate cancer by causing the programmed destruction of cancer cells. [13] Like turmeric which the University of California Los Angeles has confirmed it could kill up to 80% of prostate cancer cells.

New study suggests that Chinese sagebrush (artemisia annua L) used to treat malaria may destroy most cancer cells in the lung.

After all, it's not so surprising: 60% of the cancer drugs currently used in Western medicine are derived from plants ... [15]
This is the case of taxol, used by oncologists for chemotherapy in the case of breast, ovarian and lung cancers, the active ingredient of which, paclitaxel, comes from European yew.
Do not hesitate to talk to your oncologist if he is not aware, because the best anti-cancer units already use these plants!
And soon it will even be your hypertension that you will treat with plants.

What about hypertension? Again, it's radical!

Take a simple beet juice: when you drink it, the nitrite present in the plant dilates the blood vessels and oxygenates the cells, which reduces the pressure on your arteries and allows your blood to flow "like a river".

A study over 4 weeks has shown a marked improvement in patients simply by drinking 250ml of this delicious juice per day [16].
This applies to hypertension, but also to the health of your heart in general:

Against heart palpitations and tachycardias use hawthorn herbal teas, to associate with the trefoil;

To regulate the heart rate, there are small buds diluted to 1/10, which allow to fight against arrhythmia, both when the heart is racing and when it requires a "little boost";

Reserved for women: there is an incredible plant from Japan, so rich in phytoestrogens that it is not suitable for these gentlemen. It has hypotensive properties so interesting that Japanese women use it commonly (it is perhaps the secret of their radiant mine);

The olive tree thins the blood and prevents the formation of clots responsible for stroke and infarction.

With the Academy of Phytotherapy, you will know precisely how to regulate your hypertension and decrease your medication intake (your doctor will be surprised!).

The one who will accompany you on this path of freedom is Caroline Gayet!

He is the “rising star” of natural medicine

You have no doubt already seen Caroline Gayet on television, on France 2 or on France 5.
Or perhaps you have read one of his reference books, each time they rank top sales in the "natural health" category.
She started on the benches of the Faculty of Medicine, but soon discovered the limits of the French medical system. She then decides to lean towards a more human vision of health, a medicine that makes sense and since then she has accumulated expertise:

Dietitian-nutritionist: this is important because plants are sometimes found ... on the plate! ;

Phytotherapist of course: she is passionate about healing plants;

She also trained in Ayurveda, micronutrition, mycotherapy (mushroom care), aromatherapy, Bach flowers, seafood and beehive, and gemmotherapy (heal with buds) etc.

She even follows a bachelor's degree in clinical psychology because she is keen to support with kindness and listen to her future patients.

But above all, she trained in the best “School of Plants” in France: with Michel Pierre, one of the greatest herbalists.
It is he who runs the Herbalist's shop of the Royal Palace created in 1903, where he will teach him everything about plants that heal.
He quickly called Caroline Gayet his "spiritual daughter". And when he has to write a book, he always writes it with her.
For more than 8 years, she studied the active principles of plants, their use, from mother tinctures to dry extracts, including essential oils, Bach flowers, macerates, gemmotherapy, etc.
She learns to treat everyday problems such as digestive disorders and colds, pain. But also to treat serious diseases such as osteoarthritis, infectious diseases, cognitive decline, chronic inflammation, immune disorders, hypertension, by analyzing the blood balance of patients, and adjusting the dosages accordingly.
She is enriched by the knowledge of the big names in herbal medicine such as Jean Valnet, Maria Treben, Raymond Dextreit (and Michel Pierre of course), and is always attentive to the latest international research on phytotherapy to sharpen her knowledge.
All this, with the sole objective of proposing the most effective remedies to treat his patients who come by the hundreds in his office.
Because in addition to her work in herbal medicine, she gives consultations in two offices: all the remedies she offers, so she validated them with her patients!
She knows what works and has even been able to help laboratories formulate herbal food supplements!
For the first time, it has decided to make its knowledge available to people who really need it thanks to a new unique training program: the Academy of Phytotherapy.

With this Academy, it opens the doors to TRUE medicine, one that knows no boundaries

Caroline Gayet is categorical: we can accompany everything with plants, even the most serious diseases!

So :

If you are over 50 and you are tired of accumulating health problems "without a lasting solution";

If you have hypertension, osteoarthritis, autoimmune disease, that you have tried all the "classic" treatments without improvement;

If you are simply looking for a healthy way to take care of yourself every day, without risk (in case of digestive problems, migraines, heavy legs, etc.);

If you are ALREADY making efforts to maintain good health: you have ALREADY adopted a healthy diet (a diversified diet made of fresh, organic products, rich in omega-3, low in sugars), a healthy lifestyle, advice from naturopaths or nutritionists, online or elsewhere;

If you have had enough of piling up conflicting orders and opinions and are looking for a reliable source of information for treatment;

If you want to support a serious pathology like cancer or Alzheimer: she knows the plants that can relieve you etc ...

This training is for you !

Because Caroline Gayet always explains things simply and with her you will know exactly what you need to do.

But Caroline Gayet, it is also a contagious enthusiasm, which she communicates to everyone she meets.

Day by day, you will learn to treat yourself in a pleasant ... and even fun way

When she gives you advice, it's always in a good mood ...
... But also honesty: she will tell you everything you need to know, without any tongue in cheek.
She will never advise taking a plant that does not suit you, and she does not hesitate to denounce bad applications, or "fake news" that we hear in the media.
With the Academy of Phytotherapy, sometimes, she will advise you the herbal tea, sometimes the buds, a glycerin macerate, dry extracts or even an essential oil.
Soon, you will be able to juggle between these different concepts with pleasure, because you will know exactly what to use, in which case.

You will enjoy the smell of dried and infused plants and the marvelous spectacle of the flowers unfolding in your cup.

But she will also tell you how to use tinctures, plant powders, vegetable oils, hydrosols or essential oils to treat yourself!
And you can keep all these remedies in jars protected from light, sachets in kraft paper with a nice piece of string.
If you like, you can even personalize your labels !!
Nothing to do with the sanitized packaging and the white and pink pills of conventional medicines!
Whatever the method of use, its first objective is to keep this original symphony, so that all the active ingredients of the plant can penetrate you and take care of you in the most efficient way possible ... for all diseases.

An academy to permanently get rid of everyday problems (digestion, headache, cystitis)!

I talked about some of the most serious diseases that become frequent after 55 years, but of course with this training you will quickly realize that you can also erase all the ills of everyday life, in a few minutes:
Whether it is yourself, your daughter, your husband or a loved one, you will be able to find the remedy that is necessary in all circumstances:

If you feel like a cold is threatening you, use an infusion of thyme, cinnamon and elderflower urgently - you will sweat and urinate a lot, but that's how you will know it works!

In the event of a urinary tract infection, it takes only 20 minutes for an infusion of heather to relieve the heaviness of the lower abdomen and the burning sensation when urinating;

In case of extra pounds, you will be able to use the fat-burning plants, those which act on the production of heat (particularly effective against cellulite) and the plants that suppress appetite;

If you suffer from constipation, there are small blond seeds to soak overnight: once ingested, they stimulate the muscle of the intestine to activate digestion in less than a few hours;

In case of heartburn, you will go straight to the lithothamne, in powder or in capsules which, with its calcium carbonate content neutralizes excess acidity;

If you're having trouble concentrating, rosemary tea can get you back on track in just 7 minutes!

And in case of heavy legs, you will know which plants to ingest to circulate the blood, relax the vessels and attack varicose veins!

In fact, whatever the problem, you will immediately know which plant to choose.
Thanks to the advised advice of Caroline Gayet, in a few weeks, all these mixtures, these remedies, will be a breeze for you !!

But especially every week you will discover what these plants, which nobody talks about, can do for your health.

As if you had access to an old herbalist who explains you 1 by 1 his secrets of plants that heal ... even the least known

Because alongside the more known plants such as sage, rosemary, plantain, marshmallow, burdock (great remedies!), There are great medicinal products with immense therapeutic properties:
Centella asiatica or gotu kola: This plant contains an asiaticoside which increases the formation of collagen and creates new blood vessels! It helps maintain good brain activity and promotes memory and concentration.
The galangal, which Hildegarde Von Bingen called "spice of life". From the same family as ginger, it is a powerful fungicide capable of overcoming candidas albicans involved in intestinal candidiasis. But it is also a powerfully antibacterial spice effective even against staphylococcus aureus.
The arenaria rubra, is the great remedy for kidney stones. Real stone-breaker, it breaks the stones which then transform into mini grains of sand which can then be evacuated by the urine. It is also a great soothing of the urinary tract.
And Caroline Gayet will also tell you about the VERY effective plants that we find in our countries like:

Quackgrass, whose rhizome is a large diuretic that protects against urinary tract infections and prevents kidney stones, it increases the volume of urine and decreases the pain caused by inflammation of the prostate.

Black cohosh relieves menopausal disorders by acting on the brain like estrogen, the production of which decreases from the age of 40.

The yellow gentian, a bitter plant which promotes digestion by balancing the production of gastric juices which decreases with age;

Ash is very suitable for rheumatism and arthritis: it eliminates uric acid and urea which may form crystals and settle on the joints;

She will tell you every time how to take advantage of their great powers to heal and optimize your health.

In a few weeks, you will become a "good genius" of plants

With this training, you learn to take care of yourself naturally, efficiently, economically and quickly, thanks to a professional who has thought of all the details for you.
You do not need any special materials or equipment.
Just follow the guide, and enjoy its exciting videos. Caroline Gayet's greatest strengths are her humor, her kindness and her pedagogy.
When she gives formal lessons, her students never miss a thing. 
With a guide like her, it won't take you long to fully utilize the power of therapeutic plants.
After a month, you will be able to answer all the basic questions without any hesitation:

How to know which plants to use in infusion and which to use in decoction?

What are the three important criteria for choosing them well and where to buy them without breaking the bank?

How to choose my mother tincture, herbal tea, my glycerin macerate?

How to use Bach flowers?

Can I take herbs in addition to medication?

After 3 months, you will have started to benefit fully from the effects of plants, for you and those around you.
Pain, infections, memory, gastric reflux, constipation, sleep ... You will feel better than ever ... and you will wonder how you were doing before!
After 6 months, the plants will have no secrets for you. You will be master in the art of living and caring with these millennial remedies.
And over the weeks, you will be autonomous, able to treat yourself with plants for 95% of health problems. Your friends and family will be amazed, then admired, and very quickly, they will be full of gratitude to see that you can treat and advise them so easily.
You will have learned more than 100 healing plants, not counting all the variations of recipes that you will be able to create and adapt thanks to the techniques that you will have learned to vary the synergies and mixtures.
All this, having spent precious moments with Caroline Gayet, she who knows so well how to "tell" plants, their symbolism, their history.
That's why I invite you to try this exceptional Phytotherapy Academy program now.

As of tomorrow, here is what awaits you!

As soon as you register, you will receive access to the platform on which you can view the videos, as well as your five gift e-books!
My 30 miracle plants for a healthy belly;

My big health herbarium: Plants of the fields or forests, to take care with the trees;

Osteoarthritis: My phyto protocol to save your joints;

Bach Flowers: 38 essences that balance your emotions;

I cook wild plants: 9 recipes for therapeutic and edible plants.
Then, each week, you will receive two videos of 22 minutes on average.
You can watch them whenever you want, watch them as many times as you want.
To give you a taste, I give you here the titles of the very first scheduled videos:

Boswellia, the benchmark anti-inflammatory

Mes 3 plantes pour s'endormir en un clin d'œil !

Hypertension artérielle : ces plantes vont calmer votre cœur

Romarin, chardon-marie, pissenlit : 3 plantes au secours de votre foie

Les plantes au secours de vos douleurs ostéo-articulaires

Vous recevrez par la suite des vidéos complètes sur le diabète, les maux de tête et les migraines, le stress, l’accompagnement du cancer, et tous les principaux problèmes de santé chroniques que vous et votre famille rencontrez.
Sans oublier des vidéos exclusives sur des plantes phares des herboristes que vous adopterez très vite chez vous - et pour de bonnes raisons, vous verrez.

Quelques exemples de ce que vous apprendrez

Il est impossible de vous décrire ici tout ce que vous apprendrez dans cette formation.
Mais je tiens à vous livrer quelques exemples de ce que vous découvrirez :

Caroline Gayet propose un protocole complet pour soulager votre estomac et les reflux gastro-œsophagiens (RGO) : il est basé sur des infusions de souci, de plantain et de la guimauve en gel qui agissent en quelques jours pour apaiser les douleurs ;

En cas d’hypertension, elle a une formule hypotensive redoutable : une tisane à base d’aubépine sommité fleurie, d’agripaume sommité, d’olivier feuille, d’ail des ours feuille et de piloselle feuille, qui agit en l’espace de 3 mois seulement ;

N’oubliez pas d’entretenir votre terrain et pensez à l’infusion de thym pour booster vos défenses immunitaires : 2 cuillères à café dans 50cl d’eau, 1 fois par jour permet de balayer le risque d’infections !

L’écorce de Saule contient un pourcentage très élevé (entre 95 et 99%) de la molécule naturelle précurseur de l’aspirine, le salicylate de méthyle. Elle est très efficace en cas d’arthrose pour soulager les articulations douloureuses ;

Pour détoxifier le foie et faciliter la digestion, elle vous conseillera une teinture mère d’Achillée millefeuille qui fait une merveille sur tous les organes digestifs irrités, enflammés, mais aussi en cas de recto colique, d’hémorroïdes ou de maladie de Crohn.

En suivant cette formation, vous serez surpris du nombre de problèmes de santé que les plantes peuvent soigner.
Et vous réaliserez qu’une poignée de plantes peut suffire à vaincre la plupart des pathologies, y compris les plus surprenantes !
Après chaque vidéo : vous savez exactement ce que vous devez faire. Car Caroline veille toujours à vous donner un protocole précis qui vous accompagnera sur plusieurs mois.

Elle vous donnera : les remèdes de plantes et de micro-nutrition à combiner dès le premier mois ;

Les autres associations que vous pourrez faire sur les mois qui suivent pour ne pas vous « lasser » des traitements ;

Et elle vous précisera même les marques auxquelles vous fier les yeux fermés !

Tout ça depuis chez vous grâce à une plateforme accessible en continu.

Une plateforme accessible 24h/24 et 7j/7 – sur PC, tablette, et smartphone

Ne vous inquiétez pas, vous ne raterez aucune vidéo : vous serez prévenus systématiquement par un email à chaque fois qu’une nouvelle vidéo sera mise en ligne.
Dans votre message, vous retrouverez le lien pour accéder directement à votre plateforme exclusive Académie de Phytothérapie sans avoir à retenir de mot de passe grâce à une technologie d’authentification de dernière génération ;

Vous pourrez suivre votre formation au moment où vous le souhaitez, grâce à notre plateforme accessible 24h/24 et 7j/7 et revoir les vidéos autant de fois que vous le souhaitez ;

Cette plateforme est compatible avec tous les ordinateurs, mais aussi avec les tablettes Android ou les Ipad, et vous pourrez même regarder les vidéos sur votre smartphone directement ;
Dans cet espace réservé aux membres, vous pouvez conserver et télécharger tous les documents qui accompagnent la formation :

D’abord vos 5 livres offerts en cadeaux avec votre abonnement : Mes 30 plantes miracles pour un ventre en pleine santé ; Mon grand herbier santé : Plantes des champs ou des forêts, se soigner avec les arbres ; Arthrose : Mon protocole phyto pour sauver vos articulations ; Fleurs de Bach : 38 élixirs qui équilibrent vos émotions ; Je cuisine les plantes sauvages : 9 recettes de plantes thérapeutiques et comestibles.

Mais aussi vous pourrez retrouver toutes les Fiches Mémo en PDF qui accompagnent chaque nouvelle vidéo (elles sont disponibles sous chaque vidéo). Dans ces fiches, il y a tous les conseils pratiques (recette, dosage, précautions d’emploi, etc.) et le schéma de classification des plantes selon leur composition biochimique pour retenir en un coup d’œil les propriétés principales.
Et chaque mois vous pourrez bénéficier d’un accompagnement personnalisé grâce à des rencontres « exclusives » dans lesquelles vous pourrez poser toutes vos questions.

En direct Caroline Gayet répond à vos questions (sans tabou)

Car même si Caroline Gayet explique toujours les choses très simplement dans ses vidéos, il y a des moments où vous aurez envie de lui parler directement pour lui poser vos questions, demander des précisions ou évoquer vos problèmes de santé qui vous concernent vous.

Pour répondre aux questions, Caroline Gayet a décidé d’organiser des « sessions spéciales » sous forme de webinaires (des conférences en ligne en direct), où elle passe en revue les questions les plus fréquemment posées.
Chaque mois, elle vous retrouvera en direct et prendra le temps de répondre aux questions que vous lui poserez.

Ce qui est bien, c’est que vous pourrez ainsi accéder aux questions posées par les autres participants à la formation, et connaître les réponses de Caroline Gayet sur énormément de sujets.

Récapitulatif de tout ce que vous recevrez

Au total, le programme de Caroline Gayet inclut :

Plus de 80 vidéos de conseils de santé, de formules de plantes, de tisanes, d’extraits secs, etc. représentant l’équivalent en durée de 16 films à long métrage.

Les 5 livres Mes 30 plantes miracles pour un ventre en pleine santé ; Mon grand herbier santé : Plantes des champs ou des forêts, se soigner avec les arbres ; Arthrose : Mon protocole phyto pour sauver vos articulations ; Fleurs de Bach : 38 élixirs qui équilibrent vos émotions ; Je cuisine les plantes sauvages : 9 recettes de plantes thérapeutiques et comestibles.

Les Fiches Mémo en PDF (version texte) avec toutes les recettes et précautions d’emploi, disponibles au téléchargement sous chaque vidéo.

La possibilité de poser vos questions à Caroline Gayet à tout moment et sur tous les sujets abordés dans le programme, et en direct, lors de vidéoconférences exceptionnelles ;

Les solutions pour vous débarrasser des médicaments de votre pharmacie familiale et pour les remplacer par des huiles essentielles, tout en gagnant en efficacité, en autonomie, et en écartant les dangers des médicaments chimiques ;

Des conseils précis pour soigner tous les problèmes de santé : maladies chroniques, problèmes inflammatoires comme l’arthrose, diabète, accompagnement du cancer, problèmes hormonaux (ménopause), douleurs, mais aussi la dimension psychologique : stress, dépression, insomnies ;

Et tout cela, je tiens à vous le proposer pour un prix qui n’a jamais été aussi accessible.

La seule formation complète en phytothérapie accessible à toutes les bourses !

Il faut savoir que dans une école de formation à l’herboristerie et aux plantes qui soignent, une formation de base coûte entre 1400 et 2800 euros l’année (sans le coût des déplacements répétés ni d’hébergement si la formation n’a pas lieu près de votre domicile).
Ces formations s’étalent sur plusieurs mois jusqu'à 3 longues années pour certaines avec un coût qui avoisine alors les 5 000 euros !
Notre projet contient 80 premières vidéos « essentielles », ce sont les vidéos de base pour maitriser la phytothérapie et apprendre à se soigner grâce aux plantes.
Elles sont réalisées par Caroline Gayet, qui forme elle-même des professionnels de la santé et accompagne des entreprises et des laboratoires dans la formulation d’actifs.
Une seule prestation d’une demi-journée donnée par Caroline Gayet en tant que consultante coûte 280 euros environ. Une consultation d’une heure dans son cabinet parisien coûte environ 70 euros. Cela veut dire 8 000 à 9 000 euros au total pour bénéficier de tous les conseils qu’elle a réunis dans son programme.
Mais bien entendu, cela ne vous coûtera pas ce prix-là. Et vous n’aurez pas à vous déplacer.
C’est la magie d’Internet et de l’économie collaborative, où un groupe de personnes peut se cotiser pour financer un projet commun qui les intéresse, puis en bénéficier directement, en ligne, à partir de chez elles !
De notre côté, cela reste un travail de titan pour mettre sur pied un programme comme celui-là.
Quatorze mois de travail ont été nécessaires, et un investissement substantiel, je ne vous le cache pas. Chaque vidéo a demandé plus de 15 heures d’effort, entre l’écriture et le tournage, la mise en page des formules, le montage, plus d’importants moyens techniques.
D’après nos calculs, pour être sûrs de nous y retrouver, il faudrait demander à chaque candidat entre 100 à 200 euros de cotisation chaque mois, soit environ 1 000 euros pour les 6 premiers mois de formation.
Mais parce que je crois vraiment dans ce projet et qu’il s’agit du premier programme sur les plantes d’une telle ampleur, j’ai décidé de prendre un « risque ».
Pour que ce programme soit vraiment abordable, j’ai décidé de fixer le prix unitaire à seulement 47 euros par mois.
A ce montant-là, c’est un investissement que vous allez « rentabiliser » à toute vitesse !
Grâce à la phytothérapie, vous ferez un bien fou à votre porte-monnaie.

Avec les 15 plantes les plus efficaces et quelques compléments alimentaires essentiels, vous pouvez économiser au moins 300 euros par an par personne rien que sur les médicaments soit une économie de 3000 euros sur les 10 prochaines années.

Alors n’hésitez pas une seconde ! Surtout que vous pouvez vous lancer en toute tranquillité d’esprit grâce à notre « garantie liberté ».

Notre garantie liberté : vous arrêtez quand vous voulez !

Normalement, pour une formation de ce type, vous devez payer une énorme somme d’argent immédiatement, dès le départ... et tant pis pour vous si, au bout de 3 ou 4 mois, vous avez changé d’avis ou êtes passé à autre chose.
Avec l’Académie de Phytothérapie, au contraire, vous ne prenez pas ce risque !
J’attire votre attention sur ce point, car c’est quelque chose d’unique :
Vous avez une liberté totale, et vous pouvez arrêter le programme quand vous voulez, sans être prélevé d’un centime supplémentaire !
C’est vous qui choisissez. Il n’y a pas d’engagement.
Si vous estimez que vous en savez assez au bout de 2 mois, vous pouvez vous arrêter là... et vous n’aurez réglé que 2 mois (mais vous aurez déjà tellement appris).
Vous pourrez garder tous ce que vous avez reçus (ebooks, dossiers, etc.), et pourrez consulter toutes les fiches-memo de vos vidéos chez vous à tout moment.
Après 6 mois, vous pourrez choisir de continuer encore, pour apprendre à devenir un véritable expert phyto, avec un accompagnement personnel de Caroline Gayet. Mais il n’y a aucune obligation !
À tout moment, vous pouvez interrompre votre formation. Il suffit pour cela de nous contacter grâce à l’adresse email ou le téléphone indiqués en bas de chacun des messages électroniques que vous recevez de notre part.
Vous ne perdez rien car, de toute façon, vous ne payez qu’un mois à la fois. C’est vous qui décidez, en toute liberté.
Voilà pourquoi je vous invite à essayer maintenant ce programme exceptionnel Académie de Phytothérapie.

Comment rejoindre le programme Académie de Phytothérapie ?

Vous pouvez vous inscrire d'un seul clic à la formation Académie de Phytothérapie grâce au lien au bas de ce message.
Vous n'aurez pas à renseigner à nouveau votre adresse et votre mode de paiement.
Grâce au système SEPA, nous ajoutons simplement votre commande à votre compte et vous recevez IMMÉDIATEMENT vos accès à la formation Académie de Phytothérapie sur votre boite de messagerie.
Ce système est entièrement sécurisé et répond aux dernières normes européennes.
Vous ne divulguez pas vos coordonnées bancaires, ni votre adresse qui sont conservées sur nos serveurs ultra sécurisés et cryptés.

Et vous bénéficiez de notre double garantie satisfaction :
Pendant 3 jours, sur simple demande, vous pouvez annuler votre commande sans raison, et vous ne serez même pas débité du tout ;

Pendant les 15 premiers jours à compter du démarrage de la formation, sur simple demande, nous vous remboursons intégralement ;
Vous bénéficiez donc d'une double sécurité : une transaction hyper-sécurisée, notre garantie d'annulation et de remboursement sans condition.

N'hésitez donc pas à faire l'essai si je vous le propose, c'est parce que je suis convaincue que vous faîtes le bon choix et que vous me direz "merci" d'avoir essayé.
Et bien sûr, vous pourrez regarder les vidéos de manière illimitée, autant de fois que vous voudrez et garder tous les documents qui vous ont été envoyés, même les cinq livres sur la phytothérapie.

Faites l'essai maintenant en cliquant simplement sur le lien d'abonnement ci-dessous. Vous recevrez dans quelques minutes votre accès à la plateforme à la formation Académie de Phytothérapie (47 euros par mois), ainsi que vos 5 ebooks cadeau.
>> OUI je rejoins le programme Académie de Phytothérapie <<
Je vous rappelle que vous bénéficiez de 15 jours d'essai gratuit au cours desquels vous pouvez vous faire rembourser sans justification.
N'hésitez pas à en profiter et abonnez-vous à l'Académie de Phytothérapie en cliquant sur le lien suivant.

Bonne découverte !

Garance Langlois

PS : Pour garantir une grande qualité de programme, Caroline Gayet n’accepte qu’un nombre limité d’étudiants. Profitez-en vite avant qu’elle ne ferme les inscriptions. Il suffit de cliquer ici pour réserver votre place.
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