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It is now proven that the cells of our brain regenerate. It is a process called  neurogenesis .
He is one of the new El Dorados of medicine  ! Almost all research labs are working on it ... when you can already benefit  naturally.
Neurogenesis is a natural anti-aging mechanism. And even better: it can allow you to improve with age the functions of your brain, such as perception, thinking ... (the famous "cognitive functions"). This means that in taking care of your neurons, you can  stop aging  (at least in your head)! Password? BDNFLhe  BDNF  ( Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor ) is the key to neurogenesis. It is a small protein found in the gene of the same name and is related to the nerve growth factor.
These neurotrophic factors act in the brain and in the peripheral nervous system. The  BDNF  is involved in  neuronal survival . But it also makes it possible to make others, to make them grow, to differentiate, and to create synapses (the nerve ends). It is very important in long-term memory. Neurogenesis then consists in "activating "this protein, in order to grow new neurons from neural stem cells.
Recent studies have shown a close link between the presence of BDNF and neurodegenerative diseases such as  Alzheimer's  and  Parkinson's . Indeed, post-mortem analysis of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease would have revealed a lower concentration of BDNF levels. in the tissues of their brains. In animals suffering from Alzheimer's disease, the use of  BDNF  has also been very encouraging. How to activate your neurogenesis
It depends greatly on your diet, and especially on its concentration of  nutrients essential for brain regeneration  :
  • EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate) present in green tea;
  • The magnesium present in dark chocolate (at least 90%);
  • Cholesterol present in eggs;
  • Vitamin B12 found in meat;
  • Omega-3 DHA fatty acids found in fatty fish;
  • Saturated fats present in butter in particular;
  • Flavonoids and polyphenols from blackberries and blueberries.
And the list of "good" foods to activate your neurogenesis does not stop there: there is also coffee, red cabbage, ginger and turmeric ... My practical advice to protect your neuronsFinally, if you want to protect your neurons, here are some tips:
  • Avoid permanent stress by taking on unnecessary tasks.
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep a day.
  • Avoid emotional stress (and those who cause it!).
  • Avoid oxidative stress (tobacco, poor diet, pollution, infections, medicines, too much iron, etc.).
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol.
  • Avoid starchy foods and quick sugars.
I hope these tips will make you feel stronger and more alert in your head! I will keep you posted on all the advances made in this exciting and promising field. And if you have any questions about it, I will be Naturally delighted to answer it  here in the comments. Be well! Dr. Thierry Schmitz