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Kefir, miracle drink (and almost 


It is said that the peoples of the Caucasus could live up to 110 years without being sick ... Their secret? A drink full of good bacteria, vitamins and proteins: kefir. Today, we explain everything on the subject - we even give you the recipe! And if, even with that, you don't reach 110 years of age, you can't blame us ...

There, it's a water kefir - raspberry lemon. While just above, on the cover, you can admire a Milk Kefir (with its Kefir grains in the spoon).

Is kefir koi?

There are two kinds of kefir, water kefir (also called fruit kefir) and milk kefir. These are two different fermented drinks: the first is refreshing and slightly sparkling, the second is more acidic and comes close to drinking yogurt.
To make kefir, you need kefir grains: these are clusters of microorganisms that allow the fermentation of sugar water or a dairy product (depending on the type of kefir you want to obtain). And how do you get kefir grains? They are found at the bottom ... of kefir. This is where it grows and multiplies! The circle is complete. Kefir is a living drink that contains the germs of its descendants. It is therefore possible to repeat them indefinitely!
Tradition has it that kefir grains are transmitted from person to person. A friend or neighbor may be able to give it to you… There are even forums or Facebook groups to get it! But hey, in reality, most people are content to buy their grains commercially (found in most organic shops).